Rika lives in Osaka She is the captain of Triple C .She later joins the Inazuma Cravan .She also helps her mother run a store.


Rika is sassy and completely "head over heels" for Ichinose.


Rika has green-blue hair,grey eyes and dark skin.When she wears a soccer jersey,she ties a knot at the side.


Season 2: Aliea Academy ArcEdit

When the Inazuma Caravan was looking for Aliea Academy 's secret underground base in an amusemaent park.When Ichinose meets Rika,she immediatley falls for him and takes him to her store.There,Ichinose eats her "Lovey Dovey Dish" thinking it was just an ordinary Okonomiyaki dish.Ever since then,she calls him his husband" and constantly calling him "darling".When she joined the Inazuma Caravan,she subbed for Fubuki during the time he couldn't play.After all this she went back to Osaka.

Season 3: Football Frointeir International ArcEdit

When she and Touko buy mysterious bracelets,Touko gives hers to Haruna .But they won't come off ! Suddenley some angel kidnappes her! Mamoru and others venture to Heaven's Garden to save Rika and eventually suceed.



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