Max Carson
Maxwell "Max" Carson
Kana: Matsuno "Makkusu" Kuusuke
松野 空介
Age: 14
Team: Raimon Eleven
Dark Emperors
Team Position: Midfielder
Team Number: 9
School: Raimon Middle
Seiyuu: Yuuki Kodaira
Debut Appearance: Let's Play Soccer!

Kuusuke Matsuno (松野 空介, Matsuno Kuusuke) (Maxwell "Max" Carson in the dub) is a midfielder of Raimon.


Max is a boy who attends Raimon Junior High and meets Endou while looking for new members to join the soccer club. He claims to join the team at first merely as a way to "cure his boredom" but turns out to enjoy the sport and stays with the team all the way to the Football Frontier. He's never seen without his trademark striped plush hat with cat ears.


He is often seen wearing a pink and blue cat-design cap, he wears a different cap when sleeping.


He is nice and kind to his teammates.

Plot OverviewEdit

Football Frontier ArcEdit

He excels at all sports, was involved in many other sport clubs. Max joined the soccer club to help. He joined and helped the team for the need in stamina and endurance.

Aliea Academy ArcEdit

He and most members are sent to the hospital due to their injuries. He is one of the Dark Emperors but came back.

Challenge to the World ArcEdit

He wants to join the Inazuma Japan and they had a match so there coach can see about there skills but he failed to be in the team.




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