Fist of Justice G5
Fist of Justice Grade 5
English Name: Fist of Justice G5
Japanese Name: Seigi no Tekken G5
Japanese Writing: 正義の鉄拳G5
Type: GK
Element: Light
Used by: Mark Evans
Evolved from: Fist of Justice G4

The Fist of Justice evolved further even after evolving from Grade 3 to Grade 4 from their(Inazuma Japan) match against Neo Japan to decide which team will be Japan's representative.

Seigi no Tekken G5


  • In every grade of Fist of Justice, the fist glows even more.
  • Fist of Justice G3, G4, G5 are executed in the same episode, Episode 77.
  • This is the technique that Mamoru powered up the most.