Emperor Penguin No. 3
Emperor Penguin No. 3
English Name: Emperor Penguin No. 3
Japanese Name: Kōtei Pengin San-Go
Japanese Writing: 皇帝ペンギン3号
Type: Shooting
Element: Dark/Wind
Used by: Kidou Yuuto
Sakuma Jirou
Fudou Akio
Evolved from: Emperor Penguin No. 2

Kidou whistles for 5 purple penguins, the penguins will circle the ball. Kidou, Fudou and Sakuma will hit the ball surrounding it with dark aura. They used it during their match against Team K and againt Red Matador in a practice match.

Kotei Pengin Sango


  • All Emperor Penguin techniques are two-dimensional except for this one,this is three-dimensional.
  • The only thing they need to complete this hissatsu is height, which makes it 3D.